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Dr. Mongi A. Abidi Professor & Associate Head (ECE) abidi[at] (865) 974-5454
Dr. Andreas Koschan Research Associate Professor akoschan[at] (865) 974-0229
Andrea Pappas Administrative Assistant apappas[at]
Research Staff
Current Students
Woon (Bobby) Cho Ph.D. Student wcho[at]
Anis Drira Ph.D. Student adrira[at]
Ingrid Narvaez Ph.D Student inarveaz[at]
Ying Qu Ph.D. Student yqu3[at]
Ali Taalimi Ph.D. Student ataalimi[at]
Michael Vaughan Ph.D. Student mvaugha3[at]
Former McNair Scholars
Rashad Smith 2005
Charles Lively 2003
LaTonya Baker 1999
Former Students
Jacob D'Avy  
Will Martin MS 2013
Muharrem Mercimek Ph.D. 2013
Wei Hao Ph.D. 2011
Timothy Ragland MS 2011
Harishwaran Hariharan Ph.D. 2011
Chang Cheng Ph.D. 2010
Zhiyu Chen Ph.D. 2010
Sicong Zheng MS 2010
Chung-Hao Chen Ph.D. 2009
Sreenivas Rangan Ph.D. 2008
Shafik Huq Ph.D. 2008
Hong Chang Ph.D. 2008
Marcus Jackson MS 2008
Brad Grinstead Ph.D. 2008
Yi Yao Ph.D. 2008
Vitaliy Orekhov MS 2007
Nikhil Naik MS 2006
Julie Morris MS 2006
Mingzhong Yi MS 2006
Anis Drira MS 2006
Roselyne Barreto MS 2006
Sijie Yu MS 2005
Venkat Rao Ayyagari MS 2005
Chris Kammerud MS 2005
Linda Gee  
Cheng Qian  
Tom Wilson MS 2005
Yohan Fougerolle Ph.D. 2005
Vivek Agarwal MS 2005
Ngozi Ali MS 2005
Christopher Broaddus MS 2005
Yue Zheng MS 2005
Faysal Boughorbel Ph.D. 2005
Sreenivas Rangan MS 2004
Priya Govindasamy MS 2004
Santosh Katwal MS 2004
Matt Schultz MS 2004
Anjana Poduri MS 2004
Michael Roy Ph.D. 2004
Umayal Chidambaram MS 2003
Jingu Heo MS 2003
Bernard Ng MS 2003
Balaji Ramadoss MS 2003
Vijayaraj Alagarraj MS 2003
Sarath Dandala MS 2003
Hari Iddamsetty MS 2003
Meng Lian MS 2003
Yan Zhang Ph.D. 2003
David Page Ph.D. 2003
Yiyong Sun Ph.D. 2002
Kannan Kase MS 2002
Hong-sheng Zhang MS 2002
MS 2002
SunHo Lee, Ph.D. Visiting Scholar
Ph.D. 2001
MS 2001
Ph.D. 2000
MS 1999
MS 1999
Brian Chase MS 1999
MS 1998
MS 1998
MS 1998
Ph.D. 1998
Ph.D. 1998
MS 1998
MS 1998
Scott Thayer Ph.D. 1998
MS 1997
MS 1997
Jim Goddard MS 1997
Joseph Banta MS 1996
Michael Williams MS 1996
Chris Richardson MS 1995
Renato A. Salinas Ph.D. 1994
Mohamed Baccar MS 1994
John C. Sluder MS 1993
Mohamed Abdulghafour Ph.D. 1992
Joseph Spears MS 1991
Ravi Narkhede MS 1990
Tan Chandra MS 1989
K. Hyder Ali MS 1988
Christophe J. Delcroix MS 1988

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